Terms and Conditions

  • Once the free trial period is over, an initial payment is required to continue with the service. If payment is not received the service will be paused.
  • Important note: impaKt does not develop artwork or narrative.
  • Monthly payments are charged in advance.
  • Investment in campaigns (Facebook/Instagram) is paid with the client’s credit/debit card. If you wish, you can pre-pay us the amount of the campaign. If you choose this modality we do not charge any overage but we do deduct the 5% that our credit card processor charges us.
  • Deliverables from impaKt to the client include, but are not limited to: campaigns, access with the agreed users to a spreadsheet where the generated leads will be stored. In addition, we will provide access for the client to download the receipts of the charges from Facebook and/or Google and of course we will send them the receipts of our service.
  • The client must accept the request from Facebook Business in order for impaKt to execute the campaigns.
  • The client must provide the necessary materials (texts, videos, images, photographs, logos, flyers, etc) so that impaKt can set up the campaigns, landing page(s) and other materials to go live. In certain cases we can also use photos and videos that they have on their social networks.
  • impaKt does not perform artwork design. For example, if there is an offer or the client is promoting a certain product or a specific event, all designs must be provided by the client. What we do elaborate is the assembly of the entire campaign around the graphic images that we receive. In some cases we can create slideshows composed of photos supplied to us.
  • The client must provide all the necessary material to impaKt in order to generate the lead nurturing and follow-up campaigns necessary for the success of the project.
  • The client must follow impaKt’s recommendations to the fullest extent, which form the guidelines of our platform and are based on global best practices and designed to maximize the CLIENT’s revenue. Failure to follow these recommendations will make it difficult to achieve the goals of this agreement. These recommendations will be sent by email or WhatsApp to THE CLIENT.
  • impaKt provides support through the e-mail channel using the account [email protected].
  • The number of business lines are included according to the chosen plan. If new products/services are required, impaKt will quote accordingly.
  • impaKt is a cloud software platform similar to Google Suite or Facebook services. As such the system is proprietary. And the monthly fee is prepaid. If payments are not up to date the account will be suspended until they are up to date. It is understood that the tactics we apply in the setup of Facebook, Instagram campaigns are proprietary and the client will not have access to the campaign accounts run by impaKt.
  • In the event of termination of the contract, impaKt will return or destroy any physical or digital copies of the CUSTOMER’s proprietary information in its possession, including (but not limited to) marketing materials, business plans, customer lists and pricing information, etc. In addition, it will give a complete list of the leads generated during the operation of impaKt to the CLIENT.
  • EARLY TERMINATION. Either party wishing to terminate this contract early shall give one month’s written notice to the other party, during which time both parties shall continue to fulfill all their obligations.
  • COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIP. Both PARTIES understand and agree that there is no employment relationship between them, on the contrary, they act as independent contractors and not agents or employees of the other PARTY. Neither PARTY shall have authority to make any statements, representations or undertakings of any kind, or to take any action binding on its counterparty, except as expressly provided herein or authorized in writing.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY. impaKt, under no circumstances: 1) Disclose or communicate information related to CUSTOMER’s business or its PRODUCTS, including (but not limited to) customer lists, price points or marketing plans (the “Confidential Information”), to third parties. 2) Duplicate confidential information. 3) Help a third party to use confidential information to the detriment of the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER shall under no circumstances: 1) Disclose or communicate sensitive and private information related to impaKt’s business or disclose specific information about impaKt or its components.
  • APPROVAL OF MATERIAL. impaKt hereby receives written authorization from the CUSTOMER to use marketing material related to its PRODUCTS. impaKt will not modify the logo, nor change the company’s image or narrative under any circumstances and will follow the guidelines of the client’s brand book.

Oferta Alianza BCR-Mastercard

Oferta por tiempo limitado de Nuestra Alianza con BCR y Mastercard: 

* Válido solo en Costa Rica para tarjetahabientes del BCR con tarjeta Mastercard.