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To effectively move leads along the sales funnel, you must have a clear plan to nurture them. This article will present five different strategies you can use to engage your leads, help them progress to becoming customers, and ultimately increase your sales. Each of these strategies is intended to move leads closer to the purchase decision, depending on where they currently stand. Get the most out of your leads with these nurturing strategies that result in sales enablement!

Align Sales and Marketing

The disconnect between marketing and sales can be a major hurdle for companies. Effective communication allows sales to capitalize on leads generated by the marketing team. In contrast, the marketing team may need more information from the sales team to create an effective campaign. Without collaboration and open communication, the two teams will remain at odds and unable to make the most of their strengths.

To bridge the gap of the marketing and sales teams, create shared KPIs and design workflows and processes that require them to communicate with each other. Consider adding an SDR function to your sales organization if there is too much time between lead creation and outreach. This will help create interest and anticipation for your products or services from your leads.

Approach Customers Across Platforms

To reach more potential leads and attain sales enablement, it is important to think outside the traditional methods and look for other ways to generate leads. This could include exploring different online platforms, using live chat software, distributing promotional materials, or using SEO to increase your website’s visibility. Doing so can maximize your reach and draw more people to your business.

So companies and brands must provide customers multiple options for getting in touch with them. Teams should integrate these options into a single, unified sales funnel so that all interactions between the business and its prospects lead to a single goal – to become a customer. With this in mind, businesses should develop a multi-channel strategy that connects these leads and nurture them throughout the journey.

Provide Customers with Benefits

Offer customers additional rewards and incentives as loyal customers by inviting them to join your exclusive referral program, where they can earn points and rewards for every referral they make. These points can be used for discounts or converted into monetary rewards.

You can also make customer referral programs available to customers and non-customers alike to encourage leads to purchase your products. These programs should add value to becoming part of your organization.

Send Out Surveys

To succeed in your business, it is important to know your ideal customer. Researching their age, gender, habits, and interests can help you create a strategy to attract the people you want to target. 

Nonetheless, your research will only sometimes provide the answers you need. To better understand your audience, the best approach is to ask them questions directly. To identify your target audience, craft a survey and send it to your current clients via automated marketing. Offer a discount code or coupon to incentivize them to answer. 

You can also set up the survey as a widget on your website to increase visitors’ chances to participate.

In Closing

Using the right techniques, businesses can build a reliable sales funnel to help them cultivate leads and convert them into customers. Organizations can stand out from the competition with consistent effort and the right strategies and create a successful lead nurturing process.

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