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Of all websites, Google has the most visitors. Currently, the website controls more than 92% of the search engine market. 

A key strategy for increasing your company’s visibility on Google search and maps is creating a Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business.

It would help you optimize Google My Business, or Google Business Profile, to get the most out of sales enablement. Read on to know more. 

What Is A Google Business Profile?

A free listing for companies on Google is the Google Business Profile. You can give specifics and images regarding your company’s location, services, and goods.

Creating this free profile is a sensible choice to boost your visibility across Google services. Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping may display information from your Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profiles can only be created by companies that interact with customers. This includes brick-and-mortar businesses (such as cafes and boutiques) and service-based enterprises conducting customer meetings in person (like consultants or plumbers).

You must continue using other Google technologies, such as Google Ads and Google Analytics, if your company only does business online for your sales platform. 

Examine Your Company

  • Instead of using a post office box, enter your actual home address. This information is not shared with the public or shown on your Google Business Profile; it is required to verify your company.
  • Include your mailing address to validate your business.
  • Click Next after providing your address. You will be provided with the appropriate options for account validation. Businesses that are physically located must send a postcard to validate their address. Locating businesses in the service sector can be done using email addresses.
  • Get your five-digit code, then enter it at and select Verify or Verify business.

Create A Profile That Stands Out

Enter your company’s operating hours, preferred message distribution channels, contact details, and logos. The section that follows this one will go into greater detail about optimizing your profile’s content.

Click Continue when you are prepared. The Business Profile Manager dashboard will be where you are.

You may edit your company profile, examine insights, control reviews, and communications, and make Google adverts from this page.

How To Make Your Google My Business Profile More Successful

Google bases its local search ranking on the following three elements:

  • Relevance: The degree to which a search result corresponds to your Google My Business listing
  • Distance: The distance separating your location from the searcher
  • Popularity: How well-known is your company? (based on elements like links, the volume of reviews, the average rating, and SEO)

You can take the following actions to improve your score in all four areas.

1. Fill Out All of The Fields on Your Profile

A full Google Business Profile increases customer trust in your company by 2.7 times

Additionally, they are 70% more likely to come to your location.

According to Google, having accurate and trustworthy information makes it simpler to match businesses with relevant searches. It raises your relevancy rating. 

People searching Google need to know “what you do, where you are, and when they may visit.”

2. Establish a Foundation for Operations

Google has verified companies are more likely to appear in local search results across Google, like Maps and Search. Your distance ranking will improve as well if you provide a real place.

If you didn’t confirm your location when registering your account, obtain your verification postcard immediately at

3. Include Genuine Pictures and Videos of Your Company

A logo and cover image are already included with your Google Business Profile. To make it simpler for customers to recognize your business, use images similar to those on your social media profiles.

4. Encourage Feedback and Acknowledge It

People place greater trust in other people than they do in companies. A positive review may be what persuades potential clients to choose you. Reviews help your Google ranking as well.

The greatest time to request a review is immediately following a stellar service. Google offers a direct link to request client reviews of your company to make things easier.


Configuring your Google Business Profile is a great way to improve your local SEO and visibility. It’s a relatively simple process, but there are a few key things to remember. Be sure to complete all the fields in the listing, including business hours, categories, and a business description. Adding photos and videos is a fantastic way to make your listing stand out for local tool sales. Keep your information updated and accurate, and take the time to respond to positive and negative reviews. 

Following these tips ensures that your Google My Business Profile works hard for you and helps you attract new customers.

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