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At impaKt we fill your funnel with qualified leads and nurture them to attract more customers.

Introducing SAM (Sales Attraction Manager) our platform that will optimize your funnel by attracting qualified prospects to whom we will provide you with contact and nurturing tools to convert and sell more, with impaKt.

Display of leads for follow-up as well as real-time statistics and trends. Interactions and status with machine learning.

Lead details with ability to add notes and view activity logs

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"We have had a resounding success with impaKt, from the first day we started working we saw an increase in sales and lead generation and quotes from the website and social networks, investing 4 times less in advertising than we had invested before I am very happy to have made the decision to work with them and my expectations have been met to more than 100% Now we have projects of all sizes, in the different services we offer We are very grateful for all the advice and work they have done for our company."

Rodny Araya
CEO, Tecnimallas

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Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, we generate leads with social media audiences.

Lead nurturing

High-value content campaigns are used to nurture potential customers and build credibility and trust in the client's brand.


Leads are organized and categorized and are persistently tracked, giving alerts to the sales team. All this in an AUTOMATED way

Marketing tools

We have tools available for the sales team, such as: collaborative calendar, automated quotes, sales funnels, etc.


Our platform integrates with different systems for omnichannel communication.


Everything is measured within the system. We are not interested in vanity metrics, but in the important ones, such as ROI and conversion %.

impaKt learns from the actions performed by potential customers within the platform.

impaKt offers you

The power of more than 10 tools in one tool

Administración de anuncios

Ad Management

Landing Page

Landing page



Email Marketing

Email Marketing



Agenda de citas

Appointment calendar



Automatización mercadeo

Marketing automation

Omnichannel notifications

Contenido campañas

Generation of copy for campaigns






Social marketing on LinkedIn

Contact center

Contact center

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"UCA is breaking enrollment records, thanks to its impaKt implementation."

Scott Bogard
Founder and Director, Uvita Christian School

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Try it free for 14 days and start selling more. No credit card required.​

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How can we impaKt in your business?


impaKt does all these sales tasks for your company:

– Generate quality leads

-Nurture potential customers and follow up with them.

– We create accurate and high-converting advertising campaigns for your company, blending traditional best practices with artificial intelligence.

– Create, manage and optimize paid advertising on the most popular channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp and Messenger) according to your customer’s profile

– Automated lead nurturing with email campaigns

– Follows up with prospects in an omnichannel way (email, sms, social chats and phone calls from our Contact Center †).

– We contribute to automate your business.

The work ImpaKt does for you is focused on 3 benefits:

  1. Boost the economic growth of your business.
  2. Saves you time and money.
  3. We guide you in best practices for your business.

By generating quality leads and precise campaigns, we increase the possibility of attracting customers and closing the sale of your product or service, increasing sales growth and stability to your business.

  • We do all the sales tasks (continuous follow-up) for you, so you can free up hundreds of hours a year to concentrate on what you are passionate about: your business.
  • Attracting a lead is up to 40% cheaper.
  • We create sustainable and automated processes, so that you have consistency in your sales.
  • You will have return on your investment (ROI)
  • Integrates various platforms used in customer tracking, to avoid complexity in lead management.

We guide you in a continuous learning process, so that you know your customer better and can attract them to your business.

Our service is based on global best practices and has been proven with more than 200 industries. Our best results have been with micro, small and medium-sized companies. Let’s talk and you will see that we are the best option for you.

Yes. We integrate with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot and any other CRM that has an open API and can be integrated into the SMB+ plan. Price may vary depending on the CRM.

Yes. We are built to support agencies by simplifying, improving efficiency and boosting their clients’ sales so that they can hire additional and more valuable services. We work in white label mode, so clients always see the agency’s brand and not impaKt’s brand.

Find out more in our partners section.

Software must work for you. Not the other way around. Today, thousands of companies are stuck buying marketing software solutions that work independently and therefore do not generate results.

We change this, we generate results impaKting your business in a short time, making it scalable and profitable.

After signing up, we require you to align your digital marketing strategy with our platform so that we can impaKtar your sales in the first 14 days. We want to make sure impaKt is exactly what you need before you decide to subscribe to our service. Once your free trial ends, you can decide whether or not to continue with the service.

No, no additional costs are required for configuration and implementation processes.

To provide you with a good service, we need:

  • Know your business.
  • You have a Facebook, Instagram or other platforms account.
  • That you have access to your accounts (we will never ask you for the accesses, you will handle them yourself)
  • That you can give us an artwork with some promotion or information about your business.

Remember that you must maintain a certain amount of investment in network advertising.

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